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Breath and relax

Your eyes are closed, and when you open them a gigantic green field is at your feet, and the endless sky covers you with it’s cotton clouds.
Arms wide open fingers feeling the wind running trough them tiny smile on your face, you are simply ready for what it comes, no one is around you, you’re completely left there by your own yet you don’t feel lonely, your inner self is so strong that you don’t need anything else.

Breath even deeper, relax even more

Close your eyes and feel the air going trough your lungs, move your fingers, cause this miracle is life, and you are living it… io sono molto felice, grazie per tutto.

Deep breath loose the arms

A song starts playing in your head, the smile grows even bigger, that is your “secret smile”, and your neck moves a bit to your right, memories of a happy life… je suis ici, et c’est ma vie.

S’gapao moro mou, by hearing those words in your head the happiness is huge, this is what you expected from life, nothing more, nothing less, just this, absolute freedom, combined with perfect love, no remorse, no regrets, no doubts, you just love the feeling of love.

Open your eyes… LIBERTAD ABSOLUTA.